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Clarksville Mini Storage
June 3, 2021 - (10:00)
420 Kopp Lane
Clarksville, IN 47129

File Photos not actual units offered.

Clarksville Mini Storage
Thursday, June 3, 2021  10:00 
420 Kopp Lane, Clarksville, Indiana 47129

This is a public storage auction, there are no preview periods or visual inspections allowed on the units being sold at these auctions. The storage unit doors will be opened at time of auctioneer arrival and all prospective bidders will bid based on their best judgement of what they can see from the outside of the unit. There will be no inspections allowed inside the storage units. Any vehicles sold will be sold as-is with no keys, no tags & no titles, with no warranty, no refunds & no exchanges.  Vehicles will be sold for parts or salvage.  Any title obtained be at the buyers own risk.  All units purchases will be paid for in full at time of auction, CASH, CASH & CASH will be accepted. All payments will be paid to Clarksville Mini Storage and not the Auction Company. 

Buyers will remove ALL contents & sweep the unit clean within 24 hours of the auction. Additional terms may be announced at time of auction. 

We usually have 6 - 8 storage units and maybe a couple vehicles.

John McGinnis, CAI 
Indiana License
Juli Anderson, AU10500088
Clarksville Mini Storage Seller



Member of the Kentucky and National Auctioneers Associations.
The Society of Professional Auctioneers.

At our auctions we accept:

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee the salability or value of any item or property sold at auction. Nor do we imply any individual’s probability for profit from items bought at auction. Our services are strictly to put buyer and sellers together for one to liquidate and for the other to purchase based on each individual’s own investigation of their buying and selling needs. All property sold at auction will be sold as is with no warranties expressed or implied by the seller the auction company or the representatives of any party. Certain real properties offered at auction in the State of Indiana may be held in cooperation with Real Estate Unlimited a co-owned company of John McGinnis, and Fran Evola, Co-Owner, Principal Broker.