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Estate Settlement Specialists

You only have one opportunity to sell the family estate.  It can take only hours to dispose of those assets.  Shouldn't you make sure you have top-notch professionals on your side?


Now that you have been appointed the executor/administrator of the estate, you may need some special assistance.  Dealing with antique dealers, attorneys, bankers, cleaning services, contractors, estate sales operators, family members, handyman services, heirs, jewelers, lawn care services, mortgage companies, movers, painters, real estate agents and trash haulers might be too much at this time in your life.  Your family, job or other responsibilities may not allow you the time you need to get this important job done. With this court ordered appointment, thereís a good chance you will have to deal with a few problems before you get the estate settled.  You may need a professional; someone who is institutionally certified, state-licensed and regulated, to assist you with this important task.


When it's time to settle an estate, please don't make a costly mistake by throwing away seemingly valueless or unidentifiable items or by selling anything for less than its best potential.  The best overall method of selling any estate property may be by an open competitive bidding process.  The best one-source, estate sales service provider in this area is: McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Service.  

Why McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Service?  We recognize value and we specialize in selling all types of estate items, real estate, antiques, personal property and other tangible goods.  We are licensed in Kentucky and Indiana.  As licensed real estate and auction professionals our staff members are regulated by state licensing agencies. We are required to receive continuing education annually to maintain our professional proficiency and license. We maintain insurance and pay into a state regulated security fund for your protection.  We take our professional practice seriously, doing all we can to assist our clients in obtaining the best results. 

Our no headache policy; we do all we can so you wonít have to! We will prepare your property for sale; we will clean out the attic, basement, and garage to uncover all the hidden treasures. We can even haul off the trash.  Our professional reputation depends on our client satisfaction.   We will work hard for you and go the extra mile.    Hiring the wrong people could be a serious and costly mistake.

Some services you may want to avoid:  Tag sales, estate sales, consignment shops, flea markets and antique dealers are a non-licensed and non-regulated service industry and some of these individuals may take advantage of your situation or your lack of knowledge.  The disadvantage of hiring a non-licensed, non-regulated service is that these service providers have no regulatory standards to follow and you are without a state regulatory agency for assistance when there is a problem.  A professional real estate agent might be able to help you sell the real estate in a timely manner but would you know if you were getting the property's true market value?   If you list the real estate, you must set a ceiling or asking price. Often this price is below what the property could obtain at auction.  Accepting a quick cash offer could potentially put thousands in the buyerís pocket. 


Open Competitive Bidding creates higher value. When buyers have to compete, they pay the highest possible price and you obtain more of the propertyís true market value.  We can offer real estate, vacation homes, boats, cars, recreational vehicles, collectibles, antiques, household items, jewelry and almost anything of value to the public using our methods.  Under certain conditions, without prior market exposure, our methodís final net will usually meet or exceed seller expectations.  Any property will most likely obtain its highest results when it is first offered to the public through a competitive bidding process. These results will not be the same after extended market exposure or repeated marketing through several real estate agencies.  When our methods are employed first, properties are sold with fewer hassles and less stress for the selling party and the family.  We can offer any item to the public with no established ceiling price. This means that the final sale price is not limited by any advertised or underestimated asking price. Your property can be sold with greater participation, control and according to your schedule; usually within 30 days.  Also, when selling through us you could potentially save thousands in costly home repairs, clean-up, insurance and property taxes.  With our approach, your property will be sold as-is, with a substantial, non-refundable deposit, as much as 20% down at the conclusion of the sale.  Our settlements happen quickly; typically within a few days from the date of sale.


Our price assurance to you!  We know when selling certain items, the seller wants to be assured we will not sell their property at just any price. Under certain conditions we can offer your property to the public with an undisclosed minimum selling price. Only when this price has been reached or exceeded will your property be sold to the best qualified buyer.


Our payment acceptance policy:  When you hire us to coordinate the final dissolution of the estate's assets, we can accept several different forms of payment for the goods we sell.  For personal property we can accept cash, good personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, however, real estate deposits are required in certifiable funds.


How we publicize our events.  We advertise through many different forms of media.  We use the Internet for our web page and email advertising, and we use direct mail, newspaper, cable television and specialty ads as required.  We will do all we can to direct the buying public to your event.  


Our competitive bidding process may be your best option:   We can use a variety of competitive bidding processes, internet and on-site live bidding, or a combination of any of these bidding processes to get the highest dollar for the estate.  Even if you have a house filled with furniture and more, we can sell the house, the car, and all the furniture, usually in one day. We can even get rid of all the old stuff in the basement or garage at the same time!  When we are finished, we can leave the entire home and garage broom-clean.


Our appraisal service:  Under certain circumstances you may need a professional appraisal to determine the value of some personal property or material goods. Our appraisals are performed in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP).  We perform appraisals on estate items, personal property, antiques, collections, antique automobiles and all types of personal, business, commercial, farm and industrial equipment.  Our appraisal standards are accepted by state and federal courts and the Internal Revenue Service.  We are members of the Certified Appraiser Guild of America.  If we canít provide you with the type of appraisal you need, we will gladly refer you to another appraisal service.  Most of our appraisals can be accomplished in as little as 3 business days.


For a free, confidential, on-site consultation, call us today.  We will come to your location to evaluate your situation and make recommendations. If our services are not right for you, we will gladly make other suggestions free-of-charge with no obligation to you.  If you think there is not enough estate property to justify our services, give us a call anyway, because we may be interested in buying what you do have to offer at a price fair to everyone.   To schedule your free confidential consultation, call us today at (812) 282-7253 or email us at



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