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Why Auction?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Would you always offer real estate at auction?

No. Real estate at auction should be an educated choice. Certain situations may dictate the need for auction. Examples: the real estate needs to be sold by a specific date, or the property requires extensive repairs to make it market ready, or a legal document dictates the sale to be at auction, or the property is in super demand. These are just a few of reasons why auction may be the better option for the property.

Estate situations almost always dictate the need for auction.  Auction is an option and it is an educated choice. Only with auction you set the date and time plus you control the terms of your sale.

We do not auction every property brought to our attention. If it were the typical house in a typical neighborhood, under normal circumstances we would recommend to the selling authority to enlist the services of a licensed real estate brokerage firm.

Each property and situation may be different, to auction or to list with a real estate agent could be a matter of choice. Auction is always an option, which could be beneficial to almost every situation, but only when brought to the attention of the selling authority.



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