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Why Auction?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If auction is not right for me or my property can you recommend a good real estate company?

Most certainly. We are licensed auctioneers and certified appraisers, we do Auctions & Appraisals we don't do traditional real estate listings. Our auction schedule is too demanding and we could not provide the detailed attention which a client deserves during the listing period. Our sells methods are fast paced, time based, and always require specific selling conditions which is needed to get the property sold.

If you need a traditional real estate company we can assist you in finding the right agent to meet your needs.  The right agent for your property can be just as important as the correct method of sale. Even though we are licensed as a real estate brokerage firm we would rather refer you to a company which specializes in the traditional method of selling real estate. We are sure if we can refer you to a quality agent with a recognized firm for your current situation the next time you encounter an auction situation you would recommend us for that auction.



Member of the Kentucky and National Auctioneers Associations.
The Society of Professional Auctioneers.

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