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Our Services
-Appraisal Services
-Business Liquidation
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-Estate Settlement Specialist
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Our Staff
-1. Fran Evola
-2. John McGinnis
-3. Juli Anderson
-4. Pierce Anderson

Why Auction?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes your company different from other auction compaines or the other estate liquidation service providers?

We are proud of our company and the service we provide; we want the public to know who we are and that we are in the auction & appraisal business. It's not a sideline, it's our fulltime profession.

We are licensed Auctioneers, Real Estate Brokers, Certifed Appraisers and we have a Certified Estate Specalist on our staff, one of the orginial 150 individuals is the United States who has recieved this designation and possibly the only one in the Louisville Metro Area.

We require our associates to attend the events of other service providers. By attending other operations we see others as our customers may see us. We also learn from their mistakes. We strive hard to always remember who are our customers. Both, the selling client and the buyer of the property are customers. By recognizing this we are always able to serve both our buyer's and seller's needs. We have many repeat clients and loyal buyers who can attest to our professional services and our public relations capabilities.



Member of the Kentucky and National Auctioneers Associations.
The Society of Professional Auctioneers.

At our auctions we accept: