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Why Auction?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the best time to auction?

Almost anytime is a good time for an auction. We do not like to schedule a sale on Father's Day, Mother's Day and religious holidays. Other special events rarely affect the auction. Regular auction buyers are going to attend the auction no matter what else is going on. Auctions are advertised several days in advance so potential buyers can make their arrangements to attend. If a buyer has a special event they need to attend which may take priority over attending your auction we will work with these buyers to secure a bid from them. Saturday morning is usually the best for estates and household items. Sunday afternoons and weekday evenings are suitable for real estate. Commercial businesses and industrial items work better during the week. We like to schedule our auctions for the majority of potential buyers for the items we have to offer.

Internet on-line only auctions can happen at anytime buyers looking for items of their choice and bidders making bids at the comfort of their own home, office, or favorite night spot is a growing trend. We're prepared to meet your needs with either a live on-line real-time simulcast auction or an on-line timed auction. We can meet your needs doing all we can to assit you in obtaining the highest possible dollar for the goods you have to offer.



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At our auctions we accept: