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Our Services
-Business Liquidation
-Buyer Representation
-Estate Settlement Specialist
-Real Estate Auctions
-Senior Services
-Surplus Equipment Auctions

Our Staff
-1. Fran Evola
-2. Julie Dulaney
-3. Pierce Anderson
-4. Steve Hobgood

Why Auction?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do your rates compare to other services providers?

Every service provider has the right to set their rates for the service they offer. We can work with almost any client either on a commission percentage basis or a flat fee. We provide professional, quality services and firmly believe we deliver more for the money than our nearest competitor, regardless of the fees.

Professional quality services command premium rates. There is a difference in service providers. If your products don't require quality services then you may want to consult with a few other service providers, such as flea markets, yard sales or Facebook Marketplace.

We encourage everyone to do extensive research before signing with any one service provider. Don't be fooled by a low commission and then pay superficial prices for labor and advertising fees, between their so-called lower commissions and separate labor and advertising fees we could have done an equal or better job for less.



Member of the Kentucky and National Auctioneers Associations.

At our auctions we accept: